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    We can't live without writing, performing and listening to music. We score music for audiovisual media. Thanks to our collaborators we offer quality and versatility in a wide range of styles meeting the most demanding quality requirements. We also provide supervision services to producers and filmmakers.


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      About Us

      The Music House Model

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      About Us

      A team of composers. One single voice

      Ramon Polo counts on a team of composers, arrangers and bands who love and can't live without writing, performing and listening to music. Our expertise includes scoring music for films, tv-movies, commercials, documentaries, videogames, etc. Thanks to our collaborators we offer quality and versatility in a wide range of styles. We’re not PR, managers nor representatives; our aim is just to write, record and deliver genuine music meeting the most demanding quality requirements. We also provide music supervision services to producers and filmmakers.

      A team of composers. One single voice. Our motto reflects the way we work: from the beginning until the end you will speak to one single person, a single point of contact, making the work of our collaborators transparent to you. Thanks to the structure of our company we're able to provide the best musical experience to the final public.

      The Music House and Music Supervisor models

      Music Supervision

      The Music House and Music Supervisor models

      During the last years the way of approaching the music in an audiovisual project has changed. Extreme specialization and high quality content have become the standard for most producers around the globe. Composers work together to fit the project needs. This includes creativity, expertise, budget, deadlines. How do they do that?

      Each project has its own requirements. They are related to creativity, style, budget, deadlines, etc. A music house works with composers with different musical background and takes care of arranging the musical production, such as locating the suitable singers and performers and leading the recording and mixing sessions. One person is in charge of everything, from the beginning until the end, and that's a key fact to guarantee the team work keeps transparent to the client.

      Music houses are used to offer music supervision services. This may include composer and artist management. Producers and directors want the music that suits their creative and budget requirements. The music supervisor has the resources needed to achieve this objective.


      Original Music

      Composition and production for audiovisual media

      • Film Scoring. Telling a story
      • Advertisement / Commercials. Focusing. Alchemy
      • Videogames. Not just games
      • Other Productions.
      Check the next section for details

      The 8 Steps

      Creative process

      How we understand it and how to prepare a project

      • 1 Understanding and making ours the story being told (from the script, footage, or final cut)
      • 2 Discussing the creative, aesthetic, formal approach. Setting up the stylistic decisions and commitments
      • 3 Planning. Deadlines and budget
      • 4 Committing. Discussing and setting up details about the music to be composed.
      • 5 Hands on work. Choosing the composer who best fits the project requirements. Writing the music.
      • 6 Mockups. Considerations facing the recording
      • 7 Recording and mixing. Including selection of performers
      • 8 Sit down. Press PLAY

      Join our team

      Are you a composer, arranger, or belong to a band?

      We have several collaborative models with musicians from different areas.

      Whether you have written music for image, owned a studio or recorded your own music, we are open to hear from you and to discuss together what would be the best way to collaborate.

      Contact us and tell us about you and how you think you could contribute. Don't hesitate to send us your samples if you'd like us to listen.


      Original music composition and production

      • Film
      • Advertisement
      • Videogames
      • Other Productions


      Telling a story through music

      Music and silence. Both sides of the same coin allow us to emphasize, balance, lead and empower a story

        What we consider essential to achieve the best results

      • 1 Understanding the story, its aesthetic, its style, its tempo.
      • 2 Discussing the leading points. Ending the meetings being sure no doubts are left about what the best musical/sound approach for the story is.
      • 3 Planning. Budget and deadlines. No one has ever had the budget nor time they would like. We're realistic and commited when we face a challenging project.

      We can start a project either from the idea, from the script or from the final cut. Feature films, documentaries, TV-movies, TV and Web-Series


      Focusing and alchemy

        Whom is the ad lead to? What is intended to transmit? How to tell it all in such a few time?

        To achieve that, we always try to follow these steps

      • 1 Music must synthesize the story being told and the message to deliver, either empowering it or by contrast
      • 2 Tight deadlines mean a challenge
      • 3 A network of singers and performers ready to record. Bringing to the music that final touch is a key point
      • 4 Preparation of high quality mock-ups to be shown to the client, agency, or producer
        Original music · Covers · Jingles
      • Campaigns, TV-Commercials and Advertisement
      • App/Web Ads
      • Viral Campaigns
      • Corporate Video


      Not just games: interactive stories

      Ingredients to achieve the best user experience

      • 1 A genuine main theme
      • 2 Tunes, fragments and ambient music suitable to be looped
      • 3 Music/sound synchronization with specific events
      • 4 Variations on themes to dynamize the game flow
      • 5 Score preparation and orchestra recordings. Sample libraries available to prepare high quality mockups.
      • 6 Hybrid music production. Combination of recorded music and sample libraries. The best choice for mobile devices.

      Other Productions

      Tell us about your project

      We'd like to hear about your project. Whether you need music, sound design or a musical opinion, we will bring through music what you're searching for your story


        Review this list and contact if you don't find here what you're looking for!

      • Theater Plays. Musical
      • Mock-ups for bands and composers. Score editing
      • Mixing and Mastering
      • Teaching (on-line). Composition, arrangements, music production, music technology
        Music libraries

        As a parallel project, we are creating a music library which will provide royaltie free music for your producer, and depending on the type of license you choose, some additional benefits.

        The library is a database made up with unpublished music. Themes are 20" to 3' long.

        Types of licence we will provide:

      • Standard. The same music might be used by several clients
      • Exclusive. Only you will have the exploitiation rights
      • Premium. Up to 5 different versions according to your specific requirements and, obviously, you will be the only owner
      • Contact us if you'd like to know more about this project.

      • If you are a composer and you'd like to join our team, or to know how we work, don't hesitate to contact us.
      Do you have a project?


      Do you want to join our team?



      What is your project?

      We would like to know about your project. Let us know if you have any questions, or if you prefer we can ring you!

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      Music and art

      What others said?

      We agree with some of these quotes. Others are just funny. None of them is objective.

      In case a composer could say what he had to say in words, don't bother oneself to say it through a musical composition.

      Gustav Mahler

      Austrian composer, conductor and pianist (1860 - 1911)

      There's nothing remarkable about it. All one has to do is hit the right keys at the right time and the instrument plays itself.

      Johann Sebastian Bach

      German composer and organist (1685 - 1750)

      Without craftsmanship, inspiration is a mere reed shaken in the wind.

      Johannes Brahms

      German romantic composer (1833 - 1897)

      Simplicity is the final achievement. After one has played a vast quantity of notes and more notes, it is simplicity that emerges as the crowning reward of art.

      Frédéric Chopin

      Polish romantic composer (1810 - 1849)

      Even if, in one or other of them, I had a particular word or words in mind, I would not tell anyone, because the same word means different things to different people. Only the songs say the same thing, arouse the same feeling, in everyone - a feeling that can't be expressed in words.

      Felix Mendelssohn

      German romantic composer, conductor and pianist (1809 - 1847)

      I sit down to the piano regularly at nine-o'clock in the morning and Mesdames les Muses have learned to be on time for that rendezvous.

      Pyotr Ilich Tchaikovsky

      Russian romantic composer (1840 - 1893)

      There are painters who transform the sun to a yellow spot, but there are others who with the help of their art and their intelligence, transform a yellow spot into the sun.

      Pablo Picasso

      Spanish Cubist painter (1881 - 1973)

      Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.

      Pablo Picasso

      Spanish Cubist painter (1881 - 1973)

      There is no better deliverance from the world than through art; and a man can form no surer bond with it than through art.

      Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

      German dramatist, novelist, poet, & scientist (1749 - 1832)

      It's not your painting anymore. It stopped being your painting the moment that you finished it.

      Jeff Melvoin

      Northern Exposure, Crime and Punishment, 1992

      I don't believe in total freedom for the artist. Left on his own, free to do anything he likes, the artist ends up doing nothing at all. If there's one thing that's dangerous for an artist, it's precisely this question of total freedom, waiting for inspiration and all the rest of it.

      Federico Fellini

      Italian movie director (1920 - 1993)

      Artists who seek perfection in everything are those who cannot attain it in anything.

      Eugene Delacroix

      French romantic painter (1798 - 1863)

      Another unsettling element in modern art is that common symptom of immaturity, the dread of doing what has been done before.

      Edith Wharton

      U.S. novelist (1862 - 1937)

      Art forms of the past were really considered elitist. Bach did not compose for the masses, neither did Beethoven. It was always for patrons, aristocrats, and royalty. Now we have a sort of democratic version of that, which is to say that the audience is so splintered in its interests.

      David Cronenberg

      Canadian director (1943 - )

      I believe that if it were left to artists to choose their own labels, most would choose none.

      Ben Shahn

      U.S. (Lituanian born) painter

      The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance.


      Greek critic, philosopher, physicist, & zoologist (384 BC - 322 BC)

      Let each man exercise the art he knows.


      Greek Athenian comic dramatist (450 BC - 388 BC)

      Art does not exist only to entertain, but also to challenge one to think, to provoke, even to disturb, in a constant search for truth.

      Barbara Streisand

      US actress & singer (1942 - )

      I can't listen to that much Wagner. I start getting the urge to conquer Poland.

      Woody Allen

      US movie actor, comedian, & director (1935 - )

      My loathings are simple: stupidity, oppression, crime, cruelty, soft music.

      Vladimir Nabokov

      US (Russian-born) author & translator (1899 - 1977)

      Brass bands are all very well in their place - outdoors and several miles away.

      Sir Thomas Beecham

      English conductor (1879 - 1961)

      Music is the only language in which you cannot say a mean or sarcastic thing.

      John Erskine

      U.S. educator

      If you develop an ear for sounds that are musical it is like developing an ego. You begin to refuse sounds that are not musical and that way cut yourself off from a good deal of experience.

      John Cage

      US composer of avant-garde music (1912 - 1992)

      I hate music, especially when it's played.

      Jimmy Durante

      US actor, comedian, pianist, & singer (1893 - 1980)

      My music is best understood by children and animals.

      Igor Stravinsky

      Russian composer (1882 - 1971)

      Military justice is to justice what military music is to music.

      Groucho Marx

      US comedian with Marx Brothers (1890 - 1977)

      The whole problem can be stated quite simply by asking, "Is there a meaning to music?" My answer would be, "Yes". And "Can you state in so many words what the meaning is?" My answer to that would be, "No".

      Aaron Copland

      US composer (1900 - 1990)

      Skill without imagination is craftsmanship and gives us many useful objects such as wickerwork picnic baskets. Imagination without skill gives us modern art.

      Tom Stoppard

      British dramatist & screenwriter (1937 - )

      There is only one admirable form of the imagination: the imagination that is so intense that it creates a new reality, that it makes things happen.

      Sean O'Faolain

      Irish short story author (1900 - 1991)

      Everything you can imagine is real.

      Pablo Picasso

      Spanish Cubist painter (1881 - 1973)

      There is nothing more dreadful than imagination without taste.

      Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

      German dramatist, novelist, poet, & scientist (1749 - 1832)